How Can You Make Your Warehouse Order Picking More Efficient?

How Can You Make Your Warehouse Order Picking More Efficient?

November 21, 2022 Off By Ofelia Lang

As clients expect faster deliveries, the effectiveness of order fulfilment from warehouses has taken centre stage in logistics management.

In a recent survey, 69% of participants said that not receiving their order within two days of the scheduled delivery date would make them less likely to shop at that business again.

Speed is essential, but so is the capacity for precise planning and commitment fulfilment. Effective order fulfilment depends on the warehouse order-picking process.

In order to rapidly and effectively assemble a variety of product pallets, layer pickers initially appeared on the material handling scene in the mid-1990s.

Many businesses now use layer pickers instead of the customary way of hand-building pallets because of the gradual introduction of various products and rising demand.

Top Industries Inc. has also designed a layer picker as an attachment to a forklift and supplied it to many warehouses to make their operation more efficient.

Modern warehouses are complex, and management needs to balance a number of factors including:

  • Software
  • Automation
  • Training
  • Receiving process
  • Picking process
  • Inventory management.

Warehouse order picking especially has seen many significant improvements through various technological innovations. The following are a few warehouses order-picking tips to make your operation more efficient.

  • Organize your inventory keeping in mind your popular items
  • Learn the functions and importance of picking processes
  • Take another look at your present most basic organizational tools
  • Focus on improving your travel times
  • Increase your productivity by focusing more on ergonomics
  • Select your picking strategies wisely
  • Ensure that your ERP and WMS are properly synchronised
  • Allocate storage space as your inventory levels shift
  • Increase your operational visibility
  • Develop picking routes that improve your picking strategy
  • Create a little extra space in your warehouse
  • Be aware of your picking strategies
  • Ensure that all your inventories are 100% available
  • Switch up your storage strategies
  • Consider cluster and batch order picking
  • Reassess your cycle counting processes
  • Identify your slow-moving items
  • Get to know your split case picking
  • Leverage a robust slotting tool for maximizing efficiency
  • Avoid mixing SKUs
  • Diversify your strategies while your business grows
  • For optimized safety and efficiency, choose automated picking methods
  • Establish a routing strategy that must be optimized for your warehouse
  • Establish and highlight measurement best practices
  • Remember all order-picking systems are not one-size-fits-all
  • Avoid at all costs paper-based picking processes
  • Design your warehouse keeping in mind efficiency
  • Consider creating a warehouse within a warehouse
  • Kit and assemble items before picking
  • Store your inventory at ground level
  • Keep your warehouse absolutely neat and tidy
  • Keep touches to a minimum
  • Don’t get stuck on a single-picking strategy
  • Align all storage strategies keeping in mind seasonal demand
  • Track your inventory to make those numbers known
  • Create a learning culture in the warehouse
  • Improve your training techniques
  • Organize with safety in mind
  • Ensure that proper equipment is available to all warehouse workers
  • Determine the best locations for all your products
  • Understand typical warehouse hazards

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