How Executive Recruiters Find Top Talent In Renewable Energy Industry

How Executive Recruiters Find Top Talent In Renewable Energy Industry

June 30, 2023 Off By Clare Louise

Transitioning to renewables is one of the most fascinating trends of our time. However, as the renewable energy industry expands to new markets across the world, the shortage of talent is proving to be a bottleneck for deployment.

The industry is still in its early days, and the competition is tough. The pool of applicants is limited, and attracting trained and experienced talent is difficult. After the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the US is expected to generate close to 1 million jobs per year in the upcoming decade. This increase in demand will only exacerbate the industry’s problems due to talent shortage.

Renewable energy recruiters at Whitham Group have developed a 24-step search process to quickly identify and recruit top talent for companies. The team is focused on executive search recruiting for high-level positions in companies where experience and expertise count the most.

This article discusses the current challenges of renewable energy recruitment and how executive recruiters specializing energy industry overcome these challenges to identify, attract, and recruit top talent for companies. Let us begin.

Current Challenges of Renewable Energy Recruitment

Recruiting qualified talent in the renewable energy industry is increasingly difficult for established and new businesses. Some of the prominent current challenges are

The Lack Of Qualified Workers

The renewable energy industry is still developing and requires specific knowledge and abilities. There may not be enough suitable applicants with the required training and experience for some positions.

Geographic Restrictions

Some renewable energy projects can only be deployed at specific geographic locations. Finding people ready to go to the isolated or rural places where these projects are commonly located can be challenging.

Solar panels in Indiana

Challenges Specific To The Industry

It is challenging to stay updated with the most recent innovations in the renewable energy industry as it evolves. Recruiters struggle to identify applicants who are knowledgeable about the most recent changes in the industry.

Competition For Talent

The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly, and there is a lot of competition for top talent. This can make it difficult for companies to attract and retain the best candidates.

Challenges With Funding And Policy

Renewable energy projects often require significant investment and can be affected by changes in government policies. These uncertainties can make it difficult for companies to predict workforce needs and plan for recruitment accordingly.

Status Quo Bias

Even though renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular, people still resist change and don’t agree with the shift toward renewables. This can make it difficult to find employees who are passionate about the renewable energy sector.

Whitham Group’s 24-Step Search Process, Simplified

Whitham Group has a network of 18,000 candidates whose renewable energy headhuntersmet at theĀ  Solar Power International, Inter-Solar Conference, and other industry events. The team has worked with renewable energy companies almost exclusively for the last 12 years.

They have a 24-step process to identify candidates that meet the client’s specific requirements. The process also prioritizes candidates with personality traits that match the client’s business, ensuring they’re motivated to join the company for reasons other than money.

The continuously improving process has proved immensely successful as 79% of their candidates have stayed with the company they were placed in. Here’s Whitham Group’s search process simplified into six phases.

A team of executive recruiters

Identifying Requirements of The Position

The first phase is to identify the specific needs and requirements of the position that needs to be filled. This includes gathering information focusing on the “value” that the candidate will bring to the company. The goal is to find the most suitable candidate with the right skills and experience to excel in the role and contribute to the company’s success.

Searching For Potential Candidates

The next phase is to plan and execute an effective strategy to source potential candidates. This includes utilizing industry resources, cold-calling, and our connections to identify suitable candidates. The aim is to find candidates who are a good fit for the position and the company culture.

Reaching Attractive Candidates

The recruitment team actively seeks out potential candidates in our extensive database. Depending on the position’s requirements, this can be done locally, regionally, nationally, or globally.

Assessing Promising Candidates

This is the single most crucial phase of the process. The assessment phase involves various interviewing methods to evaluate the candidates’ skills, experience, and qualifications. This ensures that the presented candidates meet all the requirements.

Interviewing Finalized Candidates

The interview process includes providing a complete overview of the recruitment process to the candidates and offering tailored advice to ensure a smooth and seamless hiring transition. The interview also acts as the final step in our candidate elimination process.

A candidate being interviewed

Negotiation and Acceptance

This is the final onboarding step. The recruitment team ensures that our recommended candidate faces no obstacles and gets hired successfully. We also ensure the candidate is satisfied with the position so they stay hired.

Work With Renewable Energy Recruiters At Whitham Group

Whitham Group is an executive search firm working in the renewable energy industry for the last 12 years. The team of renewable energy headhunters has a streamlined process to quickly identify and recruit top talent for companies of all sizes.

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