How Will You Evaluate a Customs Broker?

How Will You Evaluate a Customs Broker?

November 2, 2022 Off By Cynthia Pellerin

In these extremely dynamic situations, things might be quickly and swiftly change for you if you are dealing with imports and exports. In the current scenario of the trade market, it will be difficult to survive without having an expert by your side. Since the global economy is unstable, customs rules and regulations are tightening despite the fluidity of the trade agreements. You will be confident in your shipment if you have an experienced broker on board. The chances of unnecessary delays and errors will be eliminated and business will be easy and smooth. But how will you know if you are working with the appropriate customs broker?

Filing information on time 

One of the important KPI that you must check is their efficiency in submitting the information. When you are dealing with ocean shipments, the businesses will want to review the data submission and their consistency over the time. It is essential to check the flow of documentation between your business, CBP, the customs broker, steamship lines as well as the freight forwarders. The importer security filings must be transmitted to the servers of CBP in correct timeline. 

Import audits 

It is imperative that not every audit will be created in an equal fashion. There can be certain audits which will be preventive in nature too. If the broker is receiving an audit from the CBP, then it is a red flag for you. It is necessary that you and your broker are conducting necessary self-audits in order to correct all the issues arising. Your entry data must also be routinely checked by the broker. Self-audits will prevent the intervention of CBP in due course of time. 


A customs broker will be considered a good one if they are equipped with all the important tools to make your task easier. Your business will also stay compliant always if their technology is updated and relevant. Online tools will help them to access and review your applications and documents and detailed import data will be readily available to you. To avoid any repeated transcription errors, the importer must be able to control it on their behalf after they have submitted it electronically. The customs broker must have enough provisions to receive the feeds likewise. 

Working with the customs broker team of will be able to help you through the process in a more streamlined and better way.