How do you choose a customs broker for your import? 

How do you choose a customs broker for your import? 

March 30, 2022 0 By Cynthia Pellerin

If you have a business importing goods, you would need a customs broker by your side. Some shipments can get held back – all because of faulty paperwork. 

With a customs broker, you don’t have to worry about any customs clearance step. 

The question is – How do you choose the right customs broker for your business? 

Well, we have highlighted some of the important pointers for you in this article. Take a quick look! 

Choose a Customs Broker with Experience and the Necessary Skills 

You will need a customs broker with relevant experience and skills. Find someone with experiences in your industry like oil, gas equipment, food, automobiles, textile, or pharmaceutical industry. 

A general customs broker might not be able to handle your case. However, there are legit companies like Clearit USA who have years of experience in this industry. 

You need someone like Clearit USA import broker who can help you save time and money. Don’t go for an inexperienced company or entity. 

You Need a Dedicated Customs Broker 

What happens when things get a little complex? You hire a customs broker! Freight forwarders can surely get your products from point A to B, but they don’t have the resources like the technology. 

A dedicated customs broker is good at everything related to IMPORT. They are not busy managing warehouses or running a trucking fleet. Their focus is on trade facilitation and customs compliance. 

Opting for a Reliable Customs Broker 

Businesses are time-sensitive, so hiring the wrong broker will not be wise. When you hire a customs broker, make sure you research about their clientele and success stories. 

Maybe some companies don’t disclose their clients due to confidentiality, but testimonials are needed. You can also look at third-party sources for reviews and opinions. 

Hire a Licensed Customs Broker and Not an Amateur Entity 

Goes without saying – you need a licensed and legit customs broker. 

A customs broker should possess all the technology resources. Technology makes everything easier when a broker has to deal with several clients. 

Can they handle your volume? 

If you wish to import a large volume of goods, it will be vital to choose a customs broker with the apt resources. 

The customs broker should be aware of the workings of your company and the import requirements too. 

A working agreement needs to be in place 

When you work with a customs broker, make sure you protect your company and its assets by getting a contract in place. 

If the broker is not willing to get a working agreement, you should back out. The agreement should have the scheduling, pricing, services offered, shipment method, usage ports, termination policy, and any other legal aspect. 

A legit company shouldn’t have a problem with this, so make sure you get an agreement on paper. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Compare the options you have. Feel free to compare four different companies, their pricing, legal terms, and testimonials. 

You will be able to find the best customs broker for your business. Take your time and hire the best.