Pick A Top-Rated Albuquerque Vehicle Shipping Company For A Stress-free Transportation

Pick A Top-Rated Albuquerque Vehicle Shipping Company For A Stress-free Transportation

June 4, 2022 0 By Angel Hemphill

One of your main concerns while shifting to Albuquerque in New Mexico would be to transport your vehicle safely. The city offers stunning views of the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande River. Being the largest city in New Mexico, it does need a personal vehicle to commute and explore the city.

Looking for a top-rated vehicle shipping company

Shipping your vehicle to Albuquerque can be a tedious job hence, it would be in your best interest to hire the services of a top-rated auto shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. which offers friendly rates. It is not only due to the reasonable rates that this company is famous for but they are committed to fulfilling the goal of relocating your vehicle as safely as possible.

Once you sign your contract with Ship A Car for shipping your car to Albuquerque, they will assign you a dedicated transport coordinator. The company has been working hand-in-hand with shippers like you day in and day out for decades with enough knowledge and experience in the transportation industry.

They will never ask for a deposit till you are satisfied and sign a contract with them to put your vehicle on the load for shipping to Albuquerque. Call their transport specialist today for a free quote for vehicle shipping to Albuquerque.

Cost of shipping your car to Albuquerque

The average cost of shipping your vehicle through an auto transport company in the US for distances less than 200 miles is $2.92 per mile. If you are shipping your vehicle to a distance of 1,000 miles or more then the average cost would be $0.78 per mile.

The price range varies depending on factors like distance and the type of service you prefer for transporting your car to Albuquerque. You can use an online quote calculator of the shipping company that you are hiring to know the exact shipping costs.

Factors that determine car shipping rates

  • Make and model of the car: Expensive and modern car models will have a moderately higher shipping price than old model cars.
  • Height: The larger the car or any added weight in your hauler may compel the transporter to decrease the number of vehicles in the carrier to meet weight restrictions. This will increase the overall cost.
  • Vehicle’s condition: Always state whether the car you are shipping to Albuquerque is in working condition or not. A wrongly filled form can make you pay heavy penalties in the future.
  • Season: Peak seasons also affect the overall cost of shipping a car to Albuquerque. Vehicle shipping is less expensive in summers than in winters due to snowfall and ice present in Albuquerque which affects the transportation and increases the final price quote.

Open or enclosed shipping

Most shipping companies follow the standard of open transport which is an excellent, practical, and cheapest mode to move your car to Albuquerque as compared to enclosed shipping.

However, ground clearance is a crucial aspect as the nearer the vehicle in transit is to the ground, the higher the chances of damage. Expensive and luxury cars with a ground clearance of fewer than four inches should be moved in enclosed carriers.

Proper research ensures the safety of your vehicle and delivers a stress-free shipping experience.