Market leader for care service software in German-speaking countries –

Market leader for care service software in German-speaking countries –

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Introduction –

One of the things which you should know about vivendi is that, it is an all-inclusive software solution for the handling of all types of healthcare and social institutions. You can look more online for connext vivendi online. Let’s take a look the areas of uses or application of vivendi. The first is the elderly care i.e., stationery and outpatient care, including assisted living, day care, short-term care. Next, is disability assistance, housing, outpatient care, open aids, work, WibM. Apart from that, they also assist the youth like stationary care, outpatient care, outpatient care or open help. There is also available for the nursing staff, connext vivendi software. Then, day care facilities in that kitas, kindergarten, early delivery centers or HPTs. Also, are the counselling centers and specialist services like for addiction, debtor, migration, pregnancy, educational, family, and psychological counselling.

Controlling and Accounting in the Vivendi Software –

Some of the areas where connext vivendi works are health care or clinics, complex carriers. Workspaces of vivendi are client management, care and care management, human resources. You can also look in the link referenced above for connext communication GmbH. The central data management allows flawless and cross aid customers care and at the similar time relives your employers. Instantly, after one-time collection of the client and employee information, the data is available for the authorized persons. It is one of the best pre-requisites for an always updated and trouble free flow of data. Check out connext vivendi software online.

Rich Functionality of Vivendi –

Also, people acknowledge the flexibility of connext communication GmbH, the billing circles can be made at any level of the hierarchy and assessments can be retrieved individually or across the division. Also, in connext, or connext vivendi software or vivendi cloud almost all other parameter are sector -adjustable – thus vivendi ensures a higher grade of individuality. Further, you can always find out which tasks are carried out decentral or centrally at any hour. Also, you should know that vivendi is rich in functions and intuitive usability are no distinct. The clear and standard, user interface which is uniform ensures that there is quick orientation in all vivendi modules.

Module of Vivendi –

The Vivendi modules at a glance – Check out vivendi cloud online in the link referenced above and also vivendi communication GmbH.

Vivendi NG Ambulant: Client Management for Outpatient Facilities –

This can be called as a software solution for the outpatient care and care facilities. You can check the price online. Besides that, it organizes employees, clients, cost transferees, contact persons, services, regulations, and others for any number of clients and services. Central functionalities like deployment planning, and route. FiBu interfaces and evaluations module are included in the basic version already. You can also check online for pep time recording online in the vivendi software.

Vivendi NG Stationary: Client Management for Stationary Facilities –

This is one such solution, which organizes home management and service billing for stationary and semi-stationary facilities – including custody, room, appointment management, FiBu interfaces, document management, evaluations and so on. Check the cost/price of the software.

Vivendi NG Kita: Client & Care Management for Day Care Facilities –

It is one such kind of software solution for billing connected organization as well as for all the planning and administrative tasks of day care facilities, like integration, kindergartens, integration, nurseries, day care center and early support centres. You can also check online about how much pep experience is needed and software documentation disability care for vivendi NG inpatient.

Vivendi NG Consil: Case Management for Counselling Centres and Specialist Services –

It is specially designed or developed for the requirements of counselling center and special services that simplify and change or optimize the all-inclusive functions of the Vivendi NG Consil, including the business processes tasks like client data, documentation, appointment assignment, or statistical compilation. So, connext vivendi support.

Vivendi PD: Care and Care Management for Outpatient and Inpatient Facilities –

One of the things that you should know about vivendi PD is that it clearly shows the entire care and care process. The module is specially made for the tasks of care facilities for the elderly. You can check the vivendi nursing software, where you can get the details regarding the partial inpatient and also check the documentation. The module vivendi PD AUX systematizes the complete care planning including documentation, as mentioned above for inpatient facilities and workshops in the disabled assistance. Through, the vivendi PD Web Module, you can look an online solution for flexible location and also the time-dependant documentation.

Vivendi PEP: Service Planning –

The time keeping and roster module of vivendi PEP is the tool for cost-optimized and targeted personal deployment. It comprises of interfaces for payroll accounting as well as for time recording. You can check about vivendi time tracking. Besides that, you can also check online for pep workforce planning, and there is also pep self-service. The pep self service allows the employees to access personal vivendi PEP data through smartphone, or through web browser, regardless of the location or time.

Vivendi Mobile – Mobile Documentation –

The extra module of vivendi mobile is the apt solution that complements to vivendi NG Ambulant. The efficacious solution for mobile time and also performance documentation is simple to use just like the stop watch. Also, you can check for the self-service app in connext vivendi, here.